Abduction, Rape, Forced Conversion & Marriage – The Hellish Fate of Christian Women in Pakistan

Today, through this video I would like to speak with you about the suffering of my Christian sisters who are in Pakistan. You must have seen, heard, read in newspapers or on internet, the frequent news about the cruelty and torture our Christian sisters face in Pakistan. Due to the fear they can´t leave their homes, they can´t even freely go to Churches. Why is it that our sisters have to go through such level of suffering?

They are often kidnapped and then raped. They are forced to convert to Islam and get married with Muslims. No other religion except Islam shows such barbarity. Women must be respected and seen with respect but Islam doesn´t do so. This is how Christians in Pakistan are frightened and intimidated. They are afraid to leave home along with family as they have young daughters. Why should they be so fearful?

If Pakistan belongs to Muslims, it belongs to Christians as well. They also have right to live with peace but that doesn´t happen in practice. For how long our sisters will have to be persecuted? This is an unbearable situation. I don´t believe in Islam because it gives such ridiculous education of harassing and torturing others. It allows beating and oppressing women. I am extremely sad for how the Christian women are treated inhumanely in Pakistan. What Christians face in Pakistan is indeed barbarism.

Maria from Pakistan

Evangelist & Christian Human Rights Activist

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