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Difference between Quran and Bible – By a Former Muslim from Pakistan

Muslims claim that Quran is the last and authentic Holy Scripture from God; on the contrary Christians believe that the Holy Bible is only scripture that contains the true Word of God. Today a former Muslim from Pakistan who converted to Christianity tells us about the differences that she found between Quran and Bible. This video will help us to understand how a former Muslim found peace in Bible that she didn´t find in Quran.

This brave girl must be appreciated for what she is sharing her opinion about Quran. Many know the the truth yet they are afraid to expose the lie and support the truth publicly but this young ex-Muslim lady from Pakistan puts everything at stake for the love of Christ and for her passion to evangelize Muslims. Today she explains us why Quran should not be considered the guide to live a Godly life and why Bible must be considered the true word of God, the best guide to live a Holy life, and the guarantee to be part of the eternal life. May God open the eyes of the entire Muslim world for becoming righteous and walk on His path. May the Holy Spirit guide Muslims to take the right decision. Amen.

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