Is it ever right for Islam to incite the murder of Christians?

Is it ever right for Islam to incite the murder of Christians? 

Yesterday on July 14th 2016 another terrorist attack occurred in the city of Nice in France which claimed 84 innocent lives and left many others injured. Once again it was a Muslim who perpetrated the incident for being influenced by the radical Islamic ideology of Jihad. Yet our politicians declare Islam a religion of peace. In recent years it has been proven that Quran and Islamic Sharia law are not compatible to the western democracy and freedom.

Now it is the time to initiate a public debate on what Islam is, what does Quran say about non-Muslims and whether it is indeed a religion of peace or is it simply inciting the hatred against those who do not follow Muhammad and Allah? We do not only want to help westerners to see the real face of Islam but we also want Muslims to realize the truth and leave the wrong path that won´t get them salvation but will only take them to an endless darkness of the hell. The purpose to produce this video is not to provoke someone but all what we want is to bring the truth into the light. May Jesus Christ protect and bless you all. Amen.

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