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Message of the day – God sees the sin we commit in secret

Message of the day – God sees the sin we commit in secret

Psalm 139:13 – It was you who formed my internal organs, fashioning me within my mother’s womb

God is the creator of this universe. Any single particle or any single leaf cannot move without His will. We cannot see Him but He sees every soul that exists on the planet. He examines our hearts and kidneys. We cannot know His secrets, but He is well aware of our state of mind and what is hidden inside our hearts. When we were inside our mother’s womb, He knows us since then. He gave us this face, eyes to see and ears to hear. Dear brothers and sisters, please avoid committing sin in secret. Let´s not forget that we should not hide anything from God neither we are capable of hiding as He is almighty God who sees everything. Amen.

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