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My sister left me, but Jesus embraced me – An ex-Muslim´s testimony

What happens when a Muslim leaves Islam and converts to Christianity because he/she finds the light and truth in Christ? What kind of problems and difficulties that apostate of Islam goes through? Is it an easy and smooth journey or is it a journey that is full of obstacles and thorns? How is that person treated by the society and family? What are the consequences of quit following Allah and Muhammad and embracing Christ as Savior? Should the fear of losing relations, being abandoned and ostracized by the society prevent us from accepting Christ publicly as our Lord? Should we betray our Lord just because we are more worried about the worldly relations, temporary luxuries and the physical safety?

Remember, no matter who stays with us and who leaves us, what matters is that Jesus Christ stays with us. This life is temporary and short. Eventually we all have to go to the Hereafter life where our fate will be decided depending on our actions and the decisions that we take on the earth. You won´t have an excuse of lack of knowledge or being misinformed as You are being informed through various sources of communication that Jesus Christ is God. And if you still ignore Him then you won´t have any choice other than regretting on the Day of Judgment. God loves you. Hold His hand today and He will embrace you unconditionally. Amen.

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