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Persecution – The Life Christians Live

Persecution is part of daily life for Christians. Verbal abuse, discrimination at work, physical torture and death threats are commonly used against Christians in many countries of the world. If we speak about Pakistan alone, the white part of the national flag of Pakistan represents the minorities such as Christians, and recognizes them as an essential part of the nation. But in practice they are not given the rights and respect what they truly deserve for being part of this nation, and are always looked down on. Not only do they face discrimination due to their faith but also become victims of religious intolerance and face extreme persecution.

In recent years, the plight of Christians from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has increased dramatically. Christians who are minority in the nation get snatched their right to freedom of speech. Whenever someone might open their mouth to protest or speak up for their rights, they are beaten, threatened and allegedly reported as blasphemers. The Open Doors organization declares Pakistan the 8th most dangerous place on the earth for being Christian but many western nations ignore the facts and assume Pakistan a safe country for Christians, in order to avoid giving them refuge.

Today Graham Ford, the president of “Jesus Christ for Muslims” ministry explains us more on why the Christians are persecuted and what they must do while becoming victims of any sort of persecution.

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