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A Poem – Love Unknown

A Poem – Love Unknown

You were an unknown entity many a months ago

Now you are everything God told me you will be.

I am overcome with love, a love different to all, a love beyond all understanding, a love no other can lay claim to.

I see you and cannot have words for what I want you to know. 

I have an unknown proudness for you. 

I feel an unknown willingness for sacrifice to give you what you need, 

Out of a passionate protective love.

I will surround you to protect you from prying hands and minds.

I will envelope you from the cold.

I will trust God will protect and guide your path for He has it decided.

I will be someone who He wishes me to become for you, 

Someone you will be fiercely proud of.

You will be my pride and joy

You will be everything from the sky to the rainbow, 

From the summer sun to the autumn open land, 

From the winter forest to the spring meadows.

I thank the Lord everyday for gifting me such a life. 

For bestowing me such a life to be proud of.

You are everything I could love and wish for and beyond. 

The Lord will make our paths straight. 

Open your mouth, open it wide and let the Lord fill it.

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