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Do you know the 10 Commandments?

God sent 10 simple but important commandments for the good functioning of humanity. He abhors sin and everything He wrote was for us to remain in holiness. The commandments He sent are logical and good. Our team in Madrid decided to find out how much people are aware of those …

ایک مثالی مسیحی زندگی گزارنے کی ضرورت - سچے مسیحی ہونا - ایمان
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Living a Christian life of example

Pastor Samuel R Garza from Washington USA teaches us today why we Christians must live our lives exactly according to the Word of God and set an example for others of a true Christian life. Many people say that it is extremely hard or almost impossible to live a Christian …

ایک با مقصد مسیحی زندگی - سچی زندگی - مسیحی زندگی کی اہمیت - سچے ایمان والی زندگی
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Life with purpose – By Pastor Samuel R. Garza

Life with purpose; life full of love for God; life lived to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, using the gifts He has given; a life which sets an example for others: this is how a true Christian´s life should be. Many people may have the goal to be millionaire, to …