More Education needed at the UK’s Home Office - Christian Asylum Seekers
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More Education needed at the UK’s Home Office

The Home Office is facing yet more questions about its attitude towards Christian asylum seekers amid claims it rejected another Iranian man’s application to move to Britain by telling him, ‘your belief in Jesus is half-hearted’. An Iranian Asylum seeker who had converted from Islam to Christianity had his application …

The testimony of a former Pakistani Muslim
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I find peace in Christianity – The testimony of a former Pakistani Muslim

I find peace in Christianity – The testimony of a former Pakistani Muslim Transition from Islam to Christianity is a drastic change in the life. On one hand there is persecution from family and society which consider the person apostate and on the other hand there is love of Jesus …

Jesus Christ for Muslims - Conversion of a Muslim girl to Christianity

How I became Christian – Heart touching story of a Muslim girl

The journey from Islam to Christianity was never easy for a Muslim especially when this extraordinary transition has to take place in an Islamic country where there is a legitimate fear of being tortured and killed by family or society but yet many dare to take that risk and put …

یسوع مسیح کی جانب میرا سفر - ایک سابق مسلمان عالم کی گواہی - یسوع کو جاننا
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My Journey Towards Christ – Testimony Of An Ex Muslim Scholar

Journey towards Christ was never an easy task for a Muslim neither it will be. Abandoning Islam and turning to Christ brings for a person the ostracism by the society, death threats from radicals and above all the abandonment by their own family. But still the love for Christ makes …

اسلام سے مسیحیت - ایک پاکستانی مسلمان کا کانٹوں سے بھرا سفر - مسیحی راہ پر چلنا

Islam to Christianity – The Thorny Journey of a Pakistani Muslim

Islam to Christianity is not an easy journey. Pastor Ghalib Paul was born in a devoted Muslim family in Pakistan. He used to preach Quran and practice Islam due to the family pressure. But he had questions and doubts which didn´t allow him to stay in tranquility. His search for …