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Status of Non-Muslims in Islam

The bigger picture that we see of the Islamic world today is brutal, violent and simply ferocious. Muslim keyboard ninjas residing in the West are found everywhere defending Islam as a peaceful religion and giving a totally different perspective of the Quran from what it actually says. They twist and …

یسوع مسیح : ابن آدم - اردو فلم ٹریلر - مسیحی فلم - مسیح کی زندگی - خدا کا کلام

Jesus – The Son of Man (Official Movie Trailer)

“Jesus Christ for Muslims” ministry has produced a short animation film on Jesus Christ´s life. This is the trailer which is going to be released in 7 languages; English, Spanish, Urdu, German, Rumanian, Tagalog. And our target is to produce the full film on Christ´s life journey in more than …