Saying Jesus is the Son of God is that mockery of Islam - Islamism and Islam
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Saying ‘Jesus is the Son of God’: is that mockery of Islam?

Do Muslims find even basic expressions of Christian faith to be “provocative,” and therefore worthy of a violent attack by Muslims against Christians?  If so, what should the Christian and righteous response be? Muslims in a Ugandan town accused the Christians of mocking Islam by publicly saying Jesus was the …

Jesus – Good Man, Prophet Or God - By Graham Ford
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Jesus – Good Man, Prophet Or God?

People often ask about Jesus. Some say; He was a good man, some say; He was a Prophet, and others say that He is Son of God. So, what is He? Who is He? This is a very important question because how we answer that question really determines who we …

My God my God why have you forsaken me - Jesus last words on Cross
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My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” This statement Jesus made while he was on the Cross, and some have argued that this shows Jesus was not the Son of God or divine in any sense.  But is that really so?  To understand this saying properly, we need …

Key Questions Who is Jesus - Jesus Christ for Muslims
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Message of the day – Key Questions: Who is Jesus?

In this series we ask some key questions. We start with this: Who is Jesus? A Muslim would answer that Jesus was a prophet of God, but he cannot be the son of God, for God has no equal, and there can only be one God. The problem with this …

یسوع مسیح : ابن آدم - اردو فلم ٹریلر - مسیحی فلم - مسیح کی زندگی - خدا کا کلام

Jesus – The Son of Man (Official Movie Trailer)

“Jesus Christ for Muslims” ministry has produced a short animation film on Jesus Christ´s life. This is the trailer which is going to be released in 7 languages; English, Spanish, Urdu, German, Rumanian, Tagalog. And our target is to produce the full film on Christ´s life journey in more than …